The power of Clubhouse, the app.


The power of Clubhouse, the app.

Yes, I’ll admit it, I am a member of Clubhouse. And I actively listen too, I am not much of a talker, hence the blog, so I mostly listen.

Clubhouse is an audio platform, consists of public or private rooms that you can enter without or with an invite. And what is interesting is that anyone can open up a room and start a conversation based on the subject that they choose to talk about.
The person who opens up a room is the moderator, there can be more than one moderator in one room. And what is even more interesting that instead of just listening you can join the conversation on ‘stage’, by raising your hands in the audience.

I like to see Clubhouse as an online building full of lecture rooms, you can either be in the audience or participate on stage. Clubhouse is also an opportunity to network, besides Linken In, Facebook groups, and Instagram.

Now the question is, what rooms do I enter?
I’ve entered a lot of motivational/mindfulness rooms, but also politics, sports rooms, business talks/tips, and tricks. In the motivational rooms, there are a lot of positive vibes. But the positive vibes are also in a room full of sportsmen and sportswomen and in business rooms.

What are my experiences?
Now my experience while listening to different people in different rooms is that people have a whole lot of strength, and the people you’d least expect it from have gone or are going through tuff times. But we still choose to stay positive and we are full of life.

My lesson from listening for 5-8hours this week is that the way I like to play my mind into thinking differently, works just as good for others, other people do it too. The way you think has a big influence on how you feel, what I always like to do is to think differently, we like to call it ‘omdenken’ in The Netherlands, there is no way to translate that, but I would like to give an example.
The most perfect example of ‘omdenken’ is:
The glass is half empty.
Think differently.
The glass is half full.
Train yourself to always turn your thoughts around, that is what ‘omdenken’ means.

Another example of the way you think that can help.
I like to act like I have a lot of readers who come to read my blog articles because I am convinced that, that way of acting or thinking helps me to have a lot of readers in the future.
Before I’ve acted like I was a blogger before I even was a blogger. Be what you want to become.

These and so many other things you can learn when you enter the right room. From listening to other people, with or without a lot of experience. People who are experts and people who aren’t experts. Sportsmen and sportswomen, motivational/mindfulness speakers, and even in business rooms you learn so much about the way you think, and how to positively change your mindset.

So, overall?
First of all, people actually listen to one and another and let them speak without interrupting.
I think Clubhouse is actually a very positive place but it can also put things in perspective for you. I also like to enter rooms where debates are held, debates about the coronavirus or politics, it can get heated. And people have different opinions, and I think that is a good thing because otherwise, you’ll always be in your bubble. And sometimes it’s good to look beyond your circle and bubble.

The downside?
Everybody always has to be somebody. And some people enter the same room and always like to go on stage, and have no new information for you. We’ll just see how long this hype will last because I do think this is a hype, mainly because people will eventually have nothing new left to say. And non-experts will think they became experts and open up rooms about a subject they don’t know anything about. Best to say, stay in your lane or educate yourself enough to move over to another lane. You can also be a host and have an expert by your side while picking a subject. So best join Clubhouse now, while it has value and meaning.

See you in the room,

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