A rainy days music list


A rainy Day music list

This Dutch summer weather is no fun. Here’s a very eclectic list of my favourite tracks I like to listen to on rainy days:

Roberta Flack / Killing me softly
There are many versions of this song, but I feel this is the perfect version on a rainy day. Since we are going to just sit and get in touch with the feels.

Luther Vandross / Superstar – don’t you remember
Ever since I heard this song, performed by Usher in honor of Luther’s passing. I fell in love! I never knew such dept to music. It’s like a whole other dimension to a ballad about heartache and hope.

Ashanti / The way that I loved you
I bet you forgot about this song or have never heard it at all. The piano in the first seconds of this song is like the rain falling from the sky. It’s such a vibe. Never heard this song? Well go on and listen. For ninetees kids Ashanti is sort of all we listened to in the two thousands.

Christina Aguilera / Save me from myself
I actually listened to The Back to basics album over and over again, I think I had it on CD. Kids… it’s a disk with all the songs on it. Save me from myself is actually a song that is very personal, it’s not easy loving me. But I made it a bit easier, because I’ve learned how to be loved and how to love.

Danny Vera / pressure makes diamonds
This is a Dutch artist, his voice has so much character, a raw edge yet very easy to listen to. The music is almost not Dutch, that is a compliment. I just love the country soul vibe and tranquility in this song.

Tracy Chapman / if not now
You have to love the guitar. And the voice is forever so determined and recognizable. Anyone can sing the song, but it’s the voice that makes the song. I’m always in the mood for Tracy’s songs but days like this really make me listen and feel.

Amy Winehouse/ will you still love me tomorrow
I love the raw edge on her voice. The song that is sung by so many in so many ways. But I think for my generation Amy translated this song perfectly. The acoustic version is even better: https://youtu.be/Ludxpkyrab0

Mos def / The beggar
Now you might want to sit down for this one. Let me start of by telling you it is an artistic song, and once you listened to it, you’ll understand why it made this list. Imagine yourself sitting in a room with a round stage set up in the middle of the room only for Mos, a couple of lights to lighten up his spot. The rest of the room is dark. The band playing in the back. And then he starts to sing, just listen to his begging. I appreciate this song so much. The art of music really is shown in this song. There are many layers of emotions you’ll be going through while listening to this song.

Jorja Smith / teenage fantasy
We needed this kind of music in this era we live in. Because sometimes we need more depth to music than just the twerking songs, and those songs are also fine, but on rainy days? Anyways … it made this list because I am a bit of a Jorja fan.

Last but not least:

America / sister golden hair
I am not a golden haired sister, but this song reminds me of the bond I have with my younger brother. If he wanted to explain his love for me, this song would explain it for him. And this song helped me get through the most shitty weather I’ve ever had to go through, the storm within my heart and the loss of my brother.

Told you it was going to be eclectic, that’s why I like to call myself The Inquisitive.

More rainy days songs? I’ve got you all set up on Spotify.

– Rain doesn’t always mean sad, it means purified –

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