Netflix Music shows to watch


Netflix Music shows to watch

Netflix shows to watch, music edition.  

Voices of Fire
a Netflix documentary.
Is produced by Pharrell Williams, his uncle Bishop Ezekiel Williams, a pastor and founder of the Faith world Ministries is putting together a new and not very traditional Gospel Choir. Even though it might not be your religion or not the kind of music you listen to, the talents that audition to be in this choir, and their stories are sublime. If you love music, this documentary is just what you need. Try to open up to this form of Music!  


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Song exploder
a Netflix documentary
About how songs are composed, the story behind the song, how one song, this one piece comes together. It can be a journey at itself. It’s full of emotions, and that is pretty to see. We often only hear the song, and listen to the lyrics, but what’s behind it is also very interesting.

Volume 1 has four episodes: 1. Alicia Keys, Sampha. 2. Lin Manul-Miranda. 3. R.E.M. 4. Ty Dolla $ign. 

Coming up 15dec. volume 2 with 1. Dua Lipa. 2 The Killers. 3 Nine inch nails. 4 Natalia Lafourcade. 

Shawn Mendes in wonder
a Netflix Documentary.
Is about the young pop artist Shawn Mendes(22) and his music career, haven’t watched this yet, but I’m sure I’ll be intrigued by the life of this artist, I think it’s a lifestyle non-artist will never understand, because it’s so dynamic and I feel sometimes unreal. Let’s support Shawn by watching this documentary on him and his journey.

Selena part 1
a Netflix series.
Selena Quintanilla is a Mexican singer, she was born and raised in Texas, because of the music she and her family wanted to make, she had to learn how to speak Spanish as she was raised English. She was probably the most well-known artist who introduced us to Tejano music. A genre that consists of Mexican music influences and Texan. 

I fell in love with her music, especially the song ‘Amor Prohibido’ because the lyrics were very relevant to my situation back in the day, I really began to listening to her repertoire just now. I kind of compare the music to soul music, because it has so much soul, you can feel it. Word for word. 

I’m in love with the song ‘Como la flor’, which must be her number one song. The live version has been streamed over 213million (and counting) times on youtube. After watching the Series you must watch Como la flor, she sang during her last concert. Selena, unfortunately, died way too young at the age of 23, because of a tragic death. But her legacy and iconic being live on forever.


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The Prom
Comedy musical with a good purpose
Is a movie about a prom that is canceled at a conservative high school in Indiana, because one of their lesbian students wants to bring her girlfriend to the prom as a date. Now this has come to the attention of theater stars, they won’t let it happen, they then go to the school, to protest and to support the girl. This movie is 2h&12m. long so I think you’ll want to watch it when your holiday starts. Or if you’re in quarantine (and hopefully healthy). It consists of many songs, it’s has a musical/ great Gatsby feel. Kerry Washington, Meryl Streep, James Corden, Nicole Kidman, Keegan-Michael Key.

Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom
Starring Viola Davis and Chadwick Boseman amongst others.
About blues singer Ma Rainey, Chicago, 1927, a music studio. But things get heated in this studio.

Jingle Jangle
Forest Whitaker, Keegan-Michael Key en Phylicia Rashad In the ultimate Christmas musical. Is about hope, grieve, desperation, separation, renewing the Christmas joy. And songs are sung. I thought these songs were refreshing and kind of new, but with an outspoken message and suits the storyline.

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