Miley Cyrus Endless Summer Vacation review


Miley Cyrus – Endless Summer Vacation review


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It’s a little late but we have to talk about Miley’s Endless summer Vacation album 

Flowers grew on me,
I feel like it has been done before, even with the visuals, but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing. It’s a well-done classic that she didn’t do wrong, and I feel like she really laid her emotions bare, that’s not an easy thing to do. Love the sound and lyrically very smart responding to another song. 

-*Jaded, has a very nice intro,
it’s the perfect Radio song, because of the timing, and also because we have all gone through a breakup of some sort. And we all know what or whom this song is about, and we all know how it ended. It’s bittersweet.

Rose-colored lenses, perfect mellow song,
has the right timing, it’s a perfect summer night sunset track. 

Thousand miles, a little bit of country we need from Miley,
she has the edginess to her voice that suits well with folk genre, if you’d ask me. I didn’t know the featuring artist; Brandi Carlile, but it is a great collaboration. 

You, in this song you can tell how talented Miley is, her voice comes out great, in this song.  Also, it’s good that they put this song after Thousand miles so that we don’t have to let the folk/country go completely. It’s much more pop though. 

Handstand poetic start, listening to the lyrics I was like what?
Is this about sex? HAHA, I’ll have to listen to it more often to get this song. Or is it one of those songs, that has to stay a mystery? 

River, I get why they made this song with visuals,
it’s a very fast song and the visuals complement the song, it’s also very mainstream. About the visuals, very minimalistic and just what the song needs. As is said, it’s complementary. Lyrically nothing special.

Violet Chemistry, I’m not really feeling it, I feel like skipping this song, not everything is for everyone. It’s one of those songs, just like Kylie Minogue’s ‘Slow’, it has to either grow on me or I’ll just let it be.

Muddy feet, you can’t go wrong by featuring Sia. You know it’s going to be a well-produced song. And who can be mad and sweet at the same time? Miley can… it’s a song greatly build with the piano, drums, and mad lyrics. And Sia just tops it off, she is a highly underestimated artist by the way.

Wildcard, the lyrics explain what Miley is all about, she is a wildcard. This might be our next video clip. The drama in the chorus is wild. 

Island is a beautiful song, this is my favorite one on the album. The way the song is build

With the percussion(even though I believe it is synthesized), the lyrics, the depth of the song,

Gorgeous. The calmness and peacefulness in Miley’s voice make it a whole. The words fit perfectly, it’s about loneliness within different phases in life. 

Wonder Woman, oh yes, I love a good ballad, and Miley’s voice makes it this perfect song. Miley has the power, I would almost say, for people to actually listen to what she is singing. The lyrics hit every inch of truth and I think all women can relate to her truth. 

Flowers (demo) is an extra for the fans, it’s an acoustic version of Flowers, it’s beautiful, yet again, Miley shows us, she can also make this big song, small, and fragile, and it has way less power to the song, less aggressive, more composed, but this version is not less powerful, it’s just a nicer and less aggressive way to say. I CAN LOVE ME BETTER.

This album has a variety of songs. The songs stand on their own, not a lot of featuring artists, and I think that’s good. We listen to Miley because we want to listen to Miley, not every other music artist. So that’s good. I feel like she just really wanted to make music, for the music, not thinking about how well all the songs were to fit together. Or how it will do marketing-wise, she is already an accomplished artist, and in many of her arts, she doesn’t need to prove anything, she just needs to live up to her own expectations. She wanted to express some of her feelings, in her songs. But also have fun and not go into deep, I feel like she also wanted to renew herself, and find herself. I think she has also grown in her music. I can relate more to her, now. 

-Thanks Miley for sharing your amazing raw and edgy voice with us-






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