Love, dreams and purpose


Love, dreams and purpose

Wisdom might just be my favourite category of The Inquisitive, because we get to share our stories, thoughts, opinions, sometimes even our feelings. So feel welcome to share your opinion/thoughts/feelings about the subject I’m writing about. Know that you are welcome, but if you want to comment on what another person has to say, do it with compassion and always be positive, that is how we vibe and how we build each other! XO

My thoughts on this Twitter post:

You can’t force falling in love, so if it will take you up to your forties to fall in love (again). So be it, don’t rush! You might date around. You might be with a person for a while, there might be a spark and you fall out of love. You might have commitment fears. It might all be, there might be a reason why you’re single at forty, there might not be a reason. Sometimes it’s not just you, it’s a universe thing. Right place, right time. The person you’re supposed to be with is in a relationship. You weren’t emotionally ready, the other person was. Al sorts of reasons why you’re single and in your forties. If you haven’t found love, it’s okay! You do you, anything at your own pace. It will take as long as it takes.

Being single isn’t always fun, I believe that. But being in a relationship isn’t always fun either. But guess what? Every positive has it’s negative. How much are you clinging on the negative side?

No, I am not single, so it might be easy coming from me, but I assure you, I wouldn’t be in this relationship if it wasn’t meant for me. This is how I see it: We were at the right place, at the right time, both single and willing to put in, an effort to fall in love, and that love evolved into a relationship, nowadays I say my relationship is a partnership, my relationship is teamwork.

Note: If you really want to fall in love, fall in love with yourself. That kind of love might be the most valuable kind of love and a lifetime of commitment.

The moment I found out I have a passion for writing, I wanted to start a blog right away and write about things that I am also passionate about. Fashion, music, and art. Because I found out writing is my relief, my way to express myself, my voice.

That moment was seven years ago, it was a long way to the point of you reading this blog post. Seven years represent, me being lazy, no progress, studying how to be a better writer, studying how to build a webshop, being a mom, being a girlfriend, day job, no money to invest in a good website, and many more excuses. I was twenty-three. So here I am, about to turn thirty, a month from now. Still, ambitious and determent to make this blog work. Chasing an old dream, but with new energy. Determent as I am, I will always chase my dreams even in it will take me ages. If you believe in your dreams you have the right to chase them, at any age.

What worries me is that kids tend to think they need to live their dreams by the time they turn thirty. Like that age marks a certain point in life, when you need to know what your dreams are and live it at the same time. Because of what? The time that expires? Not young enough to be relevant? Why is it so important to mark an age to a personal goal? Don’t burn out yourself, because you can’t seem to meet up to your expectations.

That’s why this is a good point: ‘Normalize discovering and chasing new dreams in your 30’s’. Because some of us just didn’t know what that dream was, or didn’t have the resources to pursue.

I think we’re always on the road finding ourselves because we grow and evolve constantly. So even if we would find ourselves in our fifties, perfect. But we can change in our sixties. I think it is most important to feel peace within and the ability to evolve and flourish.

It took me a long time to get where I am today, as life happened and because I wanted to live in the moment, do things at age twenty-one that are normal for a twenty-one-year-old. Like getting drunk from Thursday to Monday, believe me, I wouldn’t do it again, but I’m glad I did it. I just want to experience life at my own time, not society’s time. I could’ve studied harder, could’ve worked harder, could’ve but wouldn’t have. It is what you make of the moment, cliché but true. I have no regrets only knowledge.

To sum it all up
I just started figuring life out by the time I turned 25. I’ve normalized chasing dreams in my thirties, I encourage everyone in their forties to not give up on love, finding yourself is a lifelong journey and time can’t decide when you find yourself, and it’s okay to find purpose later in life.

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