Looking forward to the New Year.


Looking forward to the New Year

My energy has been low, emotionally exhausted, physically tired, spiritually not aligned.
I think this year finally took its toll on me. Can you imagine this only happened after 9months, because Covid19 made its entrance in The Netherlands in March.
I think it has to do with the fact that I am used to being in survival mode. And the fact that I don’t like to dwell on negative thoughts or moments and move on, roll with the tide. But I know the negativity that has been locked up inside unknowing will come out anyway. Either it will come out emotionally or physically. Because I’ve been in the survivor mode, I kind of didn’t process things I should have. I take it as just another lesson, no harm in learning things about yourself.

Things I do when I go into the New Year:
-Write down my goals for the coming year in my Mascha planner
– Work: When it comes to work and finance I like to be really steady, it has to
go the way I set up this goal. No mercy.
– Physically
– Health
– Emotionally/wellbeing: when it comes to physically/emotional goals I like
to be consistent but not force myself to make the goal before the end of the year.
Because that is when a goal gets frustrating and
– My Daughter: As for my daughters’ goals, we like to meet up to the goals,
but also not cling onto them as much.
– Material world: For material, I’d like to categorize them, like a new
a bed is a priority but a chrome cast for the second
television is not a priority.
-Clean up my house before the New Year
A fresh start, leaving behind the negatives. You can start any day a year, but to me, it feels good to start the first of January with a clean plate.
-Dry January
The first thing I do when it comes to health is to start with not drinking alcohol for a whole month straight, this is easy for me since I’m not a drinker. But it feels good to start fresh, of course, Dry January starts 01/02

New year’s wishes:
With this New Year ahead of us COVID won’t magically disappear but I know it’s coming to an end, at least it will be controlled better, we are entering another phase. We won’t go back to how it was before, and it’s only a good thing, even though many things have been destroyed. I hope we can start building each other up again, helping others with their businesses again, I hope we will watch our own health and look out for other people’s health. I hope that we’ve learned a lot during times like these and that we can move forwards brave and positive. I hope that we can all appreciate the lives we live and the people in our lives.

A big hug and XO,
The Inquisitive

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