Let’s talk about Energy!


Let’s talk about energy!

I am a true believer in energy. I believe that once your energy is right you can set your mind to it and go and get it. 

Put your energy into it.
So you want the job of your dreams or the house of your dreams, the car of your dreams, and so on, with the right energy, you can get it. Even if you are insecure about getting it. If you really want it, with the right energy you can pull it to you. 

The not so right energy.
Your intentions have to be right. If you send out negative energy, you will get negative energy. 
For example, if you get a job you don’t want for whatever reason, and you’re not planning to stay at the job or put in your best work effort, it will come back at you. You know the job is not right for you, but for whatever reason, you applied and you now work there. It won’t lead to positive results, you won’t climb up the ladder, because it is not the right ladder for you. You won’t get the best out of yourself, you will not work up to your full potential. The energy you put into working at this job is negative. It doesn’t increase the positivity in your life. The energy is not right. Take your time to rethink what you want out of a job, what makes you happy, work is what we often do quite a lot, so you owe it to yourself to do it at a place you like. So that your happiness radiates towards your work environment and it will draw positivity to you.
For example, your job changed because of COVID, work isn’t the same, but you liked your job before COVID. You are not motivated. Your energy is not right, if you don’t motivate yourself to make the best out of the situation, you will receive what you send out, negative energy. You can look up at the bright side and adjust to the work situation, new situations bring new opportunities, opportunities you didn’t even think about before. Give it a chance, it might work out for you.
For example, it has to fit into your life. If you want a Range Rover but you can’t afford to maintain it. It will backfire at you, you might think it’s logical, but sometimes people are blindsided by the things they want, they forget about what’s realistic. It’s called being greedy, that’s not the right energy. And it won’t feel right either, listen to your gut feeling, it will tell you when something is wrong, and you can feel when it’s right. 

The right energy.
For example, for my first summer job I worked at H&M. I wanted to work in fashion, and I wanted to work in the nearest city, I didn’t want to work in my hometown, I felt like it didn’t challenge me as much. That is a big step, but I wanted it, I asked many stores in the city if they were looking for a summer temp. Filled in many forms at different stores, one-day H&M called me for an interview, I had the interview, and it went well, they hired me right away. After that job, I also interned here. If you want to get the job you want, you have to step over insecurities and just go for it. I think I went into it with the right energy because I was so excited and ready for the next step in life.
For example, at the age of 17/18 I told myself and the universe, I wanted to move to ‘T Gooi(area in The Netherlands). At age 23 I moved in with my boyfriend, he lived in ‘T Gooi. I put it out there, I was rooting for it to happen, I felt like I was going to make it happen either way and so I did and it came back to me in a beautiful form.  

If you send out the right energy and you actually say things out loud, the universe picks it up and does its magic. Your energy is projecting towards that goal. 

Energy and people.
I am a very sensitive person. I can feel when a person is in a negative mood, there is no science to it. It is just feelings, I get nervous when someone is in a negative mood, I don’t want to be around the person, I feel a little pressure on my chest, and even a heavy ball in deep in my stomach. I listen to my body and sometimes distance myself from that person. On the other hand, I can also feel when someone radiates happy vibes. I feel really at ease when I am around that person and sometimes even get little butterflies, not because I am in love, but because the happiness just vibrates through my body and lights me up. It’s comforting. 

I can also send out some of my energy to someone else, I have a very calm personality, I try to send that kind of vibe out, it helps my loved ones when I’m around and they need some tranquility. I have learned to listen to my own body and listen to the energy someone or something radiates. 

Be careful with energy
You don’t want to suck the energy out of a person, it literally happens.
For example, you are talking to a bartender, you are pouring out your heart, but he saw ten people before you and all of them also told him their troubles. It’s a lot, a person can only take so much. Don’t invite yourself to just pour your heart out. You might need some kind of invitation from the other person for you to throw your negativity out there.
For example, I am a very loving person. In my teens, I had a friend that knew that about me. The only reason that friendship existed was because of my positive energy. I have overcome a lot in my life and all I try to do is to stay positive. I’ve built a certain amount of positivity and store it in my heart. This friend was only there to take some of that positive energy from me. And I felt that energy was sucked out of me, being around that friend. I’ve learned, not to keep these kinds of people in my life, they are only there to steal some of my light. People like that need to find their own positivity energy.  That is not how energy works.  

Energy is a real big thing, don’t underestimate it, get in touch with it, feel it, try to understand, and try to use it right.


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