Kali Uchis Red Moon in Venus Album review


Kali Uchis, Red moon in Venus Album review

Kali Uchis, what did we do to deserve your Red moon in Venus album?


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Kali, I really don’t know much about you. The only song I’ve listened to closely was ‘Telepatia’. Because it warms my soul, the Spanish on the song, the melody, your soothing voice. I follow your aesthetically pleasing Instagram page. In a random playlist ‘Hasta Cuando’ was played and I knew it was your song Kali. That made me want to listen to more songs, let’s talk about your new album. 

Edit: Listened to two song, already knew this album is sooooo good! 

-Intro, In my garden, I can’t even recall the last time I’ve listened to an album with an intro. That, I love.

I wish you roses, I’m already on cloud nine with this song. So mellow and dreamy. The echo in the song makes it such a clear and fresh track. 

Worth the wait, the soulful intro, and the way she sang, I have no other words than to say, I love it.  ‘Most people don’t know how to love, that’s why they’re empty’ this is how you write a song!

Love between, I just can’t seem to describe this song, it got me thinking, and I’ll be thinking for a while. I’ll leave it blank. 

All mine, the build-up, the first few seconds of this song, is given me Sade, and you know that’s a huge compliment because it’s art. I kind of got to know her voice better, and the way she can use it beautifully, soothing and small. 

Fantasy featuring Don Toliver, it says they want to dance in this song, certainly much more danceable, it’s a song that might just be used in movies, remixes, tiktoks etc.  It’s just one of those songs that are attractive to the mainstream. Has a great beat.  

Como te quiero yo, her voice is even more beautiful in Spanish, it makes the song sensual, combined with the slowness in the song, perfect mellowness. 

Hasta Cuando, this is my favorite song on the album, and it’s her signature, it’s Spanish/English combined, it was clear to me that, without having read the name of the artist, it was Kali. This is the sound I love. Even the rhyme, it’s just a good song! 

Endlessly, such a good solid beat, the right pace, familiar yet authentic because of Kali’s voice. I wouldn’t mind if this song goes mainstream. 

Moral Conscience, a little bit of suspense in the intro of this song, a nice drag into the night, if that makes any sense.

Not too late, okay, okay, is another sensual, soothing song, Kali has the talent to also rhyme away, in Spanish. Applause! 

Blue, reminds me of ‘King of Sorrow’, not to disrespect this track. And I said that because of the first few seconds of the song. The beat is nice, and the almost monotone singing kind of suits right in. 

Deserve me featuring Summer Walker, you can definitely tell this is a featured song because Summer gives it a whole other dimension. I do believe that it’s a great blend of both of their sounds. The song is also not cut off, it lasts 4.25 min. Almost exceptional these days. It’s a good track. Breaks the rest of the album. Not necessarily my cup of tea. 

Moonlight, that’s why I love that this track is right behind the previous one. Because this is what I love, it’s the English/Spanish blend, it’s because of her authentic voice, it’s because of the melody it’s because of the chorus, and the tempo in the chorus. 

Happy now, an up-tempo song, is about two people, wanting to be happy together, I think it’s the right track to end this fabulous album. The song flows into another song almost, halfway. I don’t know the musical terms for that, but it is a great outro. 

This is my favorite new album, it will go on repeat, and it can be played any time of day. The songs just belong to you once you’ve played them, they just stick. It’s grooving, it’s vibing, it’s loving, it’s familiar, it’s soulful and refreshing. I wish to hear much more of you, Kali. 

-Kali, can’t wait to see you live someday, somewhere –








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