How writing helps me make room for positive energy


How writing helps me to make room for positive energy.

First of all, this blog piece is really about me, and my postponing to write and publish on my blog, I am here to reflect on my own behavior yet again because I think it helps to make some space for positive energy. That is where the writing comes in, writing helps me to make space in my head and to invite positive energy because my thoughts can be negative.

You should try it, you can write about anything. Try writing once a day, at the same time, write down anything that comes up in your mind, so that you can literally write of all the bad or good that is happening in your life, not to overthink but to just let it go. And not to become a professional writer, but to make room or space in your head. Much like de-cluttering for the brain.

Writing also helps to stimulate the right side of the brain, your creative side. Because the left side of your brain always likes to keep everything in control. Don’t get me wrong though, these two need each other, like ying-yang. I think it will help you feel more creative, writing things off, of your mind helps to keep you stay in a creative flow. As I am writing this, it helps me to clear some space in my head and I feel more creative already.

For me, the only thing that keeps me from not writing is writing. It is cliché how it works, but it helps me to keep those words be written, it also helps me to come up with new subjects to write about. It also helps me to open up to positive energy.

With that said, I am going to start writing every day, as I advised you to do. Because honestly, I haven’t even been doing that. And I didn’t feel good about myself, and I need to let go of that negative energy.

Try it, it’s fun. You know when you do something and later in life think to yourself ‘What was I thinking?’ well you can look it up in your notebook, the one you’ve been writing in for the last decade, and see what you were thinking.

Alright ya’ll, have a good writing sesh after this one.

XOXOXOXOXO (feel like spreading the love today)

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