Get to know art


Get to know art.

When I was about eight years old, my mom put me on an art course, after school. Because she thought I was a creative being, it was in no way to improve my art skills because believe me when I say, I am not an artist, but I am creative. And to practice your creativity, it amplifies.

In the art course, I’ve learned about painting, I’ve learned about sculpting, I’ve learned about printing mostly creating with my hands. It was diverse, and I got to know different sides of creating art. This course has bought me a lot. But the most valuable thing was like I said it amplified my creativity because you do things you wouldn’t have on your own.

That and my mother bringing me to museums has gotten to my interest in art.  This interest led me to want to know more about art. Seeing I’m The Inquisitive, it would only be the logical next step. In the upcoming ten blog articles. I would like to take you with me on an art journey, where we both get to know art. Because art does something with me, and I should try and find out where it comes from.

Art is such a huge understanding. Let’s take a look at different styles, movements, history basics, masters of art, small artists, and everything we might stumble upon. And let’s not set a timer on this matter. Let’s get Inquisitive.


P.s. I’m no expert, the findings I share with you, are purely based on my inquisitiveness. This is not a course, it’s our little journey. You can share your findings or you can ask me to look at a subject.

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