Get to know art, the basics


Get to know art, the basics.

Welcome to my art classroom. . .  I was just kidding. But, I can’t tell you how excited I am to learn more about art, and the great part about writing about it, is that we can learn together. So I thought we should start with the basics.

Lesson one: How to look at art.

My first question is, is there a way to literally look at art?
Because I think the intention of an artist might be for everyone to see it from their own perspectives. But is that the intention?

Since we are learning, I think it is best if someone else teaches us, that’s why I’m going to insert links for you to read, learn and then come back and read the summary, and comment so that we can talk about the things we’ve learned.

Step 1:
Read this piece:
It’s about three simple steps that can help you look at art. The steps are based on information handed to us by Erwin Panofsky (art-historian). And they’re really easy to follow and very basic.

Watch this video, for more information on the ‘how to’ part

Step 2: The summary
Three out of four steps are handed to you in the article:
Look, see and feel. If you can’t go to a museum physically, try to train your eyes at home, by looking up artwork online or look it up in a book, maybe it won’t feel the same as it should in real, but at least you’re training yourself to look at art.

Step 3: comment
My comment for this week’s lesson. I was eight months pregnant and I went to Paris with my mom for a day, we are lucky to live so nearby this wonderful metropolis. We went to The Louvre, and of course, we saw lots of art and saved the best for last, the Mona Lisa.

I looked at her, and she looked at me, the word of that day was: Satisfied. That was the word that came up to me when she looked at me. The look in her eyes told me satisfied, this painting is so magical because I really believe that the magic of it all is in her eyes, not in her smile. It’s like her eyes are a mirror, and it’s a reflection of your being and the mental state you are in.
That is why you must really look at a piece of art. Like Erwin Panofsky said. So that you can feel it. Have you ever experienced anything like this, when you look at a piece of art? If not, try following the steps, we’ve learned in this lesson.

Okay, let’s keep it simple this first self-created lesson because there is so much out to learn about art. Hope you’ve had fun!


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