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Get to know Art, What is Art? & What is considered Art?

For us to look at Art like we discussed in our previous ‘lesson’. It might be nice to know what is art & what is considered art. Those are big questions to answer, so I asked my friend Google to help me find that answer. This is what I found. How does this work again? Just follow the steps.

What is Art?

Step 1 read this article from ‘What is Art’ to ‘What does Art do’, and then come back, click on the link to open in new tab:

Step 2 summary:
Make yourself a recap of the article you just read.
Disclaimer: I’ve decided to not upload my own recap, because of the risk of plagiarism, the article contains too many specific words, that I would have to use in my summary, which makes it seem like I copied the article. If you would like it, I could send it to you personally. Comment below if you want my recap.

Step 3 my comment:
Well, I had to read the text twice. There is a certain complexity when it comes down to the definition of art. I think Art changes over time, Art changing over time is logical, because of techniques and knowledge that’s often different or expanded. And then there is time, a big influence on Art. Art is, just like time, a movement. On the other hand, there must be a framework to work within because otherwise, literally anything can be called art.

Step 4 comment your thoughts below.

What is considered art?

Step 1 read this article, and then come back, click on the link and open in new tab:,%2C%20novels%2C%20dance%20and%20music.&text=The%20creative%20nature%20of%20art,exclamations%20of%20’That’s%20not%20Art!

Step 2 The summary:
This is a different question than our previous question, because the answer to ‘What is Art’ is what the definition of Art is. But when it comes down to the question ‘ What is considered Art’ I’ve learned that it comes down to aesthetics behind the art/the philosophical study of art. The aesthetics behind Art can be a whole different discussion. It has to do with the understanding of technique. The artwork meets up to certain criteria and the people who created the criteria. Your taste is different from another. Time changes the perspective of Art. The experience behind the work, that defines the value.

Step 3 Comment:
I think aesthetics change because we change, we evolve, time changes, yet we strive to hang on to what we already know. However, I do also think it is good, to state what is Art, so that there is a certain frame the Artist can work within, with his own interpretation. What I always hope for, is that the work is self-explanatory and that is what gives Art power, to be ‘Art’. What also gives Art power is that people can experience art in many different ways. To one, it’s a great experience, to the other it does nothing.

Let me know your thoughts on What is art? & What is considered art?


*Disclaimer: my intentions are not in any way to copy other people’s written articles, in the summary I only want to recap the things we’ve learned from the website links. If you are the person who has written the article or the person who owns the platform it has been written for and you don’t agree with how my summary is written, please contact me by email:, so that I can adjust my summary. Let’s keep it cool

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