Dutch brands and their stories


Dutch brands and their stories

Sometimes it’s not only about the products but the story behind the brand. Here’s a list of my favorite Dutch brands and what the brand tells me. We are going back and forth on this list since I love big brands, small brands, and everything in between.

Urban clothing brand men and women 

This won’t be a very objective blog article on the brand, because Angelina is my best friend. But she is also the world’s best seamstress, you can tell by her handmade items, her work is real craftsmanship. She makes all the items herself, and usually, it’s tailor-made. You can give her your sizes and you can even ask for fabric, then she makes the item herself. The items with either embroidery and prints are made in local stores. 

Biker shorts to hoodies.
Take a look at her designs on Instagram: @sharipovaofficial 

Josh V
Women’s clothing brand

This girl (Josh) is a real go-getter, I admire her work ethic and vision for her brand. She shares it in her vlogs and on Instagram. Following her during her private and business life is a real treat, I’ve learned some business tips from looking at her vlogs. And I secretively love luring into her luxury life. She’s working on displaying different ethnic backgrounds, working with different models, also has a wider range of sizes coming up. That to me is very inclusive, and that is why I love the brand, it moves forward as time passes. Also coming up is Josh’s favorites which include favorite home goods, and more. And I love to get my hands on these items because her style is similar to my style for the interior. 

Let’s talk about clothes: sophisticated power woman looks, well-picked fabrics. On-trend designs. Shoes, that fit so nicely, walking in them is like a dream and accessories.

Maria Tailor
Women’s clothing brand

I admire this woman so much, she has been through a public break up, and because of the break-up, she had to give up on her stores, unfortunately. But her webshop remains after a re-start, but with two kids at home, she is still building her business. Through her Instagram stories, she shares what a funny and positive wonderful hard-working mom she is.

The clothes are mature, classy and fun. The fit is very feminine.

Women’s clothing brand 

You either love or hate this woman, but she has got it together… at least that is what we see. 

You gotta love her for wheeling in Kate Moss, to model for ‘Selected by Kate Moss’ line. Not everyone has the opportunity to do so. I don’t want to have to say it but here comes: I think it takes a lot of money. Which Nikkie obviously has. Nikkie is not Nikkie’s only brand, she also has a clothing line for kids/men, another clothing line for women, and the ‘Selected by Kate Moss’. She also is a tv host, an investor, a mom, and a wife. I mean, talking about keeping it together, I admire Nikkie for all her hard work.  

Okay, over to the clothes. I like the brand, because of the good quality fabrics, especially my favorite item, the Jolie dresses. They come in different lengths, colors, print, or non-print, in every collection. I like that the collections come with good basics and feature trend items. Also sells shoes and accessories. 


African prints and vlisco collaboration men and women 

For a brief moment, I studied fashion at the Rijnijssel in Arnhem, (Arnhem the self-named fashion city of The Netherlands). In my year, I met Dauvia, we were acquainted. From the moment I saw her do her magic with fabric, I knew she is a born designer. She can make a piece of curtain look good on a woman, 

She pulls of magic with her African printed fabrics, everyone wants to wear it. They’re very chic, volumes, and a good fit. She has been written about in British vogue so she doesn’t need this article but, I just wanted to acknowledge her work, as her work ethic is amazing, being a mom to three kids and a wife. 

African prints, Vlisco collaboration, good fit, volumes sleeves, peplum.

Rushemy Botter & Lisi herrebrugh
Botter ‘Caribbean Couture’: Menswear
Nina Ricci: Womenswear 

This design couple must live the fashion dream. They have founded the brand Botter together and work as the Creative directors of Nina Ricci. In Paris! But that is (I think) because of their work ethic. I might have gotten a tiny little glimpse of Rushemy’s work ethic or study ethic when I went to De Rijnijssel, where he also studied fashion. Now he went a magical fashion path. And is now working for Nina Ricci! What a dream. There are several interviews online where they tell their story, I just wanted to lit a light on this couple.

When I look at the Botter designs and the Nina Ricci designs, you can tell the design couple leaves a mark. Especially when you look at the shapes, the wide gesture.


Daily paper
Men and women’s urban wear 

Talking about work ethic, this brand is here to stay in Dutch culture, an homage to African culture! Because of the work ethic of three young men. The brand grew because they started selling merchandise for their blog. Now Daily paper is one of the fastest-growing brands in Europe. What amazes me and doesn’t surprise me at the same time. Is that these boys, with big beliefs, started small. And grew rapidly. I remember Daily Paper just being an understanding in Amsterdam, now I saw Liza Koshy wearing one of their ensembles. I think their design team is mega strong. The brand is very consistent and leaves its handwriting.

Men and women’s urban wear

Luxury leather goods

I love the designs, the shapes, the colors, and I love the material. I know about Wandler through Salon Heleen Hulsmann, which is a designer reseller store in Amsterdam. Digging further into the brand, Elza Wandler’s designs have been worn by many different celebs, but it was the shop in Amsterdam that has presented the brand to me. And I just love the designs of the shoes, especially the ‘Isa’ mules. The Italian craftsmanship just vibrated through my phone display. I can’t wait to get my hands on these most wonderful designed shoes. I love the elegance, the fit, the heel height, and the design of the heel, the material. I recently went to De Bijenkorf to check out Wandler’s bags and they are timeless, very functional with very much style. Wandler knows how to work with leather. 

Having read an interview with Wandler, I think she really just wants to sell her art, because that is what she knows, I don’t think figures and dinero is her cup of tea, but I do think that that kind of talent deserves to be rewarded with a good amount of euros. 


What are your favorite brands in your country? I’m curious! Comment down below.



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