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This is a list of items I think a lot of women would appreciate as a gift. Plus I will insert links just to give you a bigger picture.

I always love to give gifts and I spent hours online searching for the right gifts to get a few of my family members since the stores are closed in The Netherlands. But fortunately, I’ve received most of the gifts I ordered in time before Christmas, even though the delivery services are really busy.

-Coffee table books by interest
Fashion, photography, art, design you name it. Coffee table books are almost always a good gift. Can be put on a pedestal or just on the table, it serves as decoration. And of course, it can be looked into. Plus when Christmas is over some of the Christmas decorations can be replaced by the Coffee table books.

-Candles / scented items
The trend regarding candles are the twisted candles, the body shaped candles male/female, the cubes, and the shells. But a good scented candle will do, preferably in a glass, they come in different sizes. Talking about scented candles, scented wood sticks would also be a great gift,
to freshen up the home, feels luxurious and cozy. Also, a bed and clothing mist is always a nice thing to give. But try and figure out what kind of scent the woman loves for her home.

-Home goods
Things like vases, blankets. But try to make it personal, because home goods are for the home, a vase is just a vase when it’s not the right color, the right shape, the right height. When it says nothing about the person and it doesn’t fit the interior style or their taste of vases. Just look at how the person has styled her home or the style she expresses in her clothing. Home goods, just like clothing have trends, so unless she doesn’t follow trends, you’re going to find a piece that will fit her home, by just buying whatever they offer you in-store or online. For the classic girl, just pick timeless items. There is always a range of timeless items in-store, probably a renewed classic.

-Calendars/planners/bullet agenda’s/notebooks
I am a girl that buys the same planner every year, I own a notebook for all of my thoughts and I just love to write things down. It’s like a clean plate at the end of the year, it is important to kind of start over again because we can’t have our plate full all of the time. It’s refreshing and you can’t be bothered with last year’s burden. So therefore calendars/planners/bullet journal/notebooks.

This is always a good thing to give because people think they don’t need it because they have a wallet or just a bag. But the one moment they’ve been given the cardholders, their lives will change. You might think, Apple pay/wallet? But when you’re phone is dead, you might need a back-up cardholder.

-Skincare and beauty products
Products or brands you’ve seen the person use. Or things like a shower gel/foam, face masks, a nude-ish eye shadow pallet, and so on. Anything versatile, because products can be very specific to a person.

-What does the person really need, to make life easier and/or even luxurious?
Take a look at your budget, take a look at what the person could use.
Like a coffee machine, they come in different price ranges/functions/quality, find an affordable but functional one with equal quality, there is your gift.

You can also make a person happy with new towels or plates and cutlery. I am only saying, things like towels I find such a waste of money, but I need them every day, so it’s great to get instead of having to buy them. It sounds boring but it comes in super handy! Plus some people don’t have the means to buy it themselves so you’re going to make their Christmas.

Two ways to do this:
1. Choose an item by following your gut. Whenever your heart tells you to buy it while keeping the person in mind.
2. If that doesn’t work answer these simple questions for yourself:
– What is my budget?
-What color suits the person gold, silver, rose gold?
Answer: Below a certain number, choose silver, gold plated, or rose gold.
Answer: Gold and silver combined is a trend nowadays so if you can’t decide between the two choose this option.
-What do I want to buy the person a Necklace, bracelet, rings, or earrings?
Combine answers one, two, and three.

-Special ornament for in the tree
That has any references to a memory you both share. Or just a reference to what the person loves. They make all kinds of ornaments nowadays.

-Handmade Christmas decorations, like a card or a centerpiece.
When you want to get creative and you have the time. The fact that you crafted something yourself, will go above and beyond any gift you bought. Make it look good though.

-Depending on what relationship you are in with the person. A three-course home-made dinner at home. With a nice table setting, candles, and music. You can even make a menu card. This is a very Corona proof gift, especially when we are all supposed to be home a lot and the visitors are limited (at least in The Netherlands). That way you can also celebrate Christmas after Christmas or even before.

-Sounds kind of peachy but a lot of restaurants offer takeaway menus. You can buy someone a takeaway dinner of lunch and eat in the car, or on a bench outside, on the beach, etc. Those experiences are rare and kind of awesome right? It’s about the time being together. Also depending on the relationship, you’re in with them.

Try not to give a gift card, let your mind work and think about what the other person would appreciate as a gift. It won’t look as though you are only giving a gift, just to give it. You know back in the days when gift cards weren’t a thing, one of my aunts would take me shopping because she wanted to give me clothing but also didn’t want to give me just money, it was about our time together and hey, I got new clothes, fun!

You should want to express how grateful you are that the person is in your life. It’s a little celebration between the two of you. Christmas is a magical time, as long as you keep the spirit right, so it’s the gesture that counts, it’s that you thought of a person when you bought the gift, not the gift itself. That is the magic is in gift-giving.

Have yourself a merry little Christmas,

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