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First thought: Wait, what?
Second thought: Okay, this album has yet another sound. A new sound for Beyoncé, but not a new sound in general. The queen has the talent and space to explore every inch of her musical talent, so why not try different genres? This album is certainly an experimental album, I feel. 

My question? Why Renaissance? Well let’s review: 

  • I’m that girl: perfect first song of an album, we don’t know what to expect. So I think this song is a perfect warm-up. 
  • *Cozy: Yes, girl! I love myself too. This song sits right with me, I am cozy. Catchy lyrics, solid beat. The polite sas, we need. 
  • Alien superstar: is giving me Prince vibes 
  • *Cuff it: let’s dance to this song, a familiar sound, a song I might put on at a family party
  • Energy: road trip song 
  • Break my soul: At first, I was like, lyrics much? But listening closer, this is why the album is called Renaissance, it’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a renewed Beyonce. Like the sound, is going to do really well in clubs and maybe at festivals. 
  • *Church girl: this is the Beyoncé we would recognize miles away, kind of reminds me of get me bodied 
  • Plastic off the sofa: the intro is giving me Solange vibes, and the mellowness throughout the song 
  • *Virgo’s groove; the perfect never-been-palm-springs songs. Laidback groove,  feels like I am at a beach club. 
  • Move: I mean who gets to feature Miss Jones? Could’ve been on Black is King. I love that this song is on this album as the sound to it is very modern. The beat is sweet. And the way she said ‘move out the way’. She really meant it. 
  • *Heated: that Beyoncé sound. 
  • Thique: that’s almost dark
  • All up on your mind: Is this song about hyping people up?
  • America has a problem: the new sound combined with the old sound. It’s Beyonce but it’s the newest version of Beyonce
  • Pure/honey: VOGUE HONEY, this would sound great on the runway. It’s not about the lyrics though, it’s about the vibe
  • Summer Renaissance: fine closure to a variable album, with the new Beyonce sound. She keeps her music fresh. 

Final thought: 16 songs on an album is a real treat! We don’t see that often these days, and most of the songs last longer than two to three minutes. While writing this post, I had to put this album on repeat, and I knew it had to grow on me. That’s the case with every Beyoncé material, since Lemonade. I’ll put this album on, whenever I need to be hyped up, or stay hyped. Because it just makes me feel good.

The songs on this album go all over the place. I didn’t see much of a concept and don’t see a build-up. But maybe that is not such a bad thing, it is what it is. Not much storytelling and that’s fine by me. We don’t always have to go deep. 

I think she had great fun making music that is nowhere near what we are used to hearing from her. I think that put her in the most powerful position of zero fucks given. She is here, she claimed her spot in the industry and in the world as a woman, she can do whatever she pleases in life and in her musical career therefore let her experiment with her sound, and renew herself and I’m loving it for her. 

As to my question, why Renaissance? By listening to it, I didn’t get the answer. Or is this to be the new Beyonce? Because she keeps surprising me, definitely. 

I feel like upcoming artists, who make music like this, neon house, neon groove, neon RnB even, would never get the attention this album has gotten already because Beyonce is an established artist. But let her pave the way. 

– Beyoncé, surprisingly so, you keep surprising us


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Een bericht gedeeld door Beyoncé (@beyonce)

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