A random list of my favourite shops in The Netherlands


A random list of my favourite shops in The Netherlands

I’m from The Netherlands and during these Corona times, it might be impossible to visit our country. But whenever you do, come through. Here comes:

Trendwatcher, Hilversum Jewel Heaven
Really follows the trends when it comes to jewelry and watches. They also sell phone cases and other accessories. My boyfriend buys all my gifts here. I don’t ask for it, but I won’t say no to it.

Mayke’s shoes, Oisterwijk
People from all over The Netherlands come here to buy shoes. Trending brands with trend items. The town itself is cute, there is one street with all the shops and yet you can really shop here. But, bring your money.

Ti-sento scheveningen, Scheveningen
They sell my favorite brands, Nikkie, Josh V, and Reinders. They also have an outlet and this year presented a big sale, I mean a whole store with only items on sale. They also sell menswear.

Collectiv. by Swan Rotterdam, Den Haag, Leiden, Nijmegen, Breda and Den Bosch
Is a concept store, you can find all your goodies here. From clothing to home goods. Supports little brands and handmade items by selling their items.

Designer Outlet, Roermond
Please know, that this outlet is Crowded (hence the capital letter C). I call this outlet The Schiphol among shopping centers. But I like to come here, because I like to shop and I love me some brands. Stores: Burberry, Nike, Coach, Sunglass hut.

JackieO, Noordwijk
Shoes and clothing brands like Stine Goya and Ganni. Also sells jewelry and accessories. Noordwijk is by the sea, so definitely worth walking down the one and only shopping street. Oh, and do try to eat at Alexander Beach club, that is where I always go to eat, I think they serve the best food and it’s child-friendly.

Eleganza Shoes, Utrecht and Hilversum
I used to go to by Smits shoes in Arnhem, but I am sure that after the original owner sold their luxury shoe heaven to a big shoe retailer, the store isn’t the same. So therefore I like to go to Eleganza. Closer to home and the same luxury shoe heaven kind of feel. Sells brands like Alexander Mcqueen, Mason Garments and Valentino. Men and women.

Annika aan zee, Renesse
Cutest girly vibes store with lots of pinks. Sells women’s clothing, shoes, and accessories for a cute price. So whenever you are in the province Zeeland, it’s totally worth the visit to Renesse, and this store.

Sissy Boy, all over the Netherlands
A Dutch concept store, there is a real good vibe to the Sissy boy stores. Even just a visit will enlighten. Sells clothes to couches all designed by Sissy boy.

Vintage Island, Groningen to Maastricht and in between
I visited the store in Maastricht and it is huge, I love the items. Really well picked. Yes, what more do I need to say about a vintage shop? It’s like a treat to me.

Liefs uit Veere, Veere
Nearby the church of a small town called Veere, which is also in Zeeland. Is a small concept store with women’s clothing, kids clothing, and toys, home goods etc.

I can go on and on about shops all over The Netherlands, but I think this will do for now. Happy shopping!


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