A moment of gratitude


A moment of gratitude

Let’s take a little moment to stop and smell the roses. We forget to do that in the western world. And we often don’t see what we have.

You must know that you’ve got so much going for you.

I think you’ll feel much more fulfilled when you take a breather and look at yourself and your life. 

This is what I always do: I sum up in my head what I a grateful for, now and then, depends on what mood I’m in. I like to remind myself I am grateful for the people and the things in my life and my life in general.

I also like to look at the negative things in life that have happened and be grateful that I’ve made it through. I made it through because of the strength within me and the way I used that strength, because of the people that have helped me. And because of some of the choices I’ve made in life. So reminding myself of that brings me into a grateful and positive vibe, but it also gives me the energy to continue to grow.

How to send your gratefulness into the universe?

-Just take a moment and think about what brings you joy, and be grateful for it. It’s as simple as that. When you do this, make sure to say: ‘I am grateful for the birds I hear chirping.’ if you are grateful for the love in your life, point out what love and where it comes from, get to the source/the root so that you can appreciate it. 

-Write down what you are grateful for and frame the note or just leave it be, like in a notebook. 

-Frame what you are grateful for, it can be a picture or a footprint of your newborn’s foot, or dog paw. I framed a picture of the first few moments of my daughters’ life with the clothes she wore her very first day.


-Make a ‘grateful board’ on canvas or paper and frame it. I like to give my mind some rest and make a coordinated color scheme so that it also fits into my interior. 😉

The benefit of framing it or writing it down is to remind yourself of what you do have, instead of what you don’t have. And that is a fortune at itself.

-Create a little ritual, for instance when you are waking up, in the morning. Sit up straight, eyes closed, and think about all the things you’re grateful for that morning, can be anything like a cup of tea that you’re about to have.

Name one thing you’re grateful for in the comments.


Next time we’ll talk about getting what you want to have (without being greedy). 

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