A lot has happened


A lot has happend

A lot has happened and there is also a change inside me. 

This month is about rest to me, October to March are usually very busy months, a lot is happening. Birthdays, holidays, & remembrances throughout those months. 

At the beginning of 2023, I decided to deactivate my personal Instagram profile, because it wasn’t giving me any positive energy, I wanted to be more invisible, and I wanted to live more anonymously. I don’t want to share everything anymore and I don’t want to know what other people are doing all the time and at the same time. Three months later, I can tell you, it has been the best decision.  I’m writing again for my blog, which gives me the right energy. As an introvert, it is important to somehow express myself. In my writing, I do just that, and I believe it can still bring me places. It has brought me things in life, to become more of myself, or express myself more. Now what that means is, the more comfortable you are with yourself, the more it will give you energy and you attract and receive the right things.

Note of the week:

I surprised myself when I drove back to my hometown because I had to drop off my mom’s car for a check-up, she couldn’t do it herself, she still likes to bring her car to the same garage, even though she doesn’t live there anymore, some things never change. So I offered to bring her car.

I drove past my old house, it changed a lot, yet it hadn’t, the street was still the same, everything looked very compact and small, with hardly any apartment buildings higher than three stories, and you can actually see the sky, it was a bit frightening, to be honest, it looked so small. You can see the sky more clearly, I’m not used to that anymore. 

I was like, maybe I should get something to eat for my way back, but it was a ‘Market day’ market on the town central square, I know there are going to be people I don’t want to see or people who are going to let other people know I was there, I’ll pass I thought. I was coming and I was going, nothing special. I was there for about 10 minutes and took the train back home. As I am on that train I’m writing this. It’s surprising to me that my hometown is so far removed from the life I live now, and it’s so far from what I now call home.

  • I literally moved on, and that’s why:

I sometimes go back, just to see how far we’ve come.  


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