10 secrets to an expensive look on a budget


10 secrets to an expensive look on a budget

Ladies, I am about to share my secrets to an expensive look on a budget. I’ve had many compliments on my looks or items that I’m wearing, with the remark that it looked expensive. For instance, I was shopping and a woman asked me if my loafers were Gucci. I told her: ‘Girl no, these are Costes outlet and it cost me €10’. This is just an example of how I buy my expensive-looking items or looks.

1. Designer outlet
So now and then, I go shopping at designer outlets, because I like designer items. But for less, it might just be a little under retail price. These items can still be priced on the higher end, so I don’t go overboard, I like to look at the item (condition, fabric, is it timeless?) and think to myself it is still worth the price. You usually don’t go to the Designer outlet for trending items, you’ll have to go for the classic ones because their either last season or overproduced. If you’ll look closely you just might find what you are looking for within the brand. I like to go for a solid timeless item in good condition. And that is why it will look and feel expensive because you carefully picked it.

2. Designer second-hand store
Another one of my favorite shopping places is second-hand stores that sell designer items. I live in an area where ladies with big closets live. Also the ladies with the bigger wallets. The items I find in these stores are sometimes unworn. I can spend half a day in these stores, looking for good designer items. Sometimes the store sells items from foreclosure sales, which means stores are bankrupt, had to close and the bank sells their stock. So the items are priced way under retail price. I once found a Selected Femme suit in one of these stores. That is why you’ll look expensive on a budget when you shop at designer second-hand stores. Some designer items are in good condition because of the fabric and manufacturing. Take a good look at that.

3. Designer second-hand item webshop
So I was looking for the Acne studio Manhatten sneakers everywhere, half price. Because you know, I am cheap like that. Couldn’t find them off course, but I am very patient because the sneaker to me isn’t going out of fashion very quickly, the design doesn’t change, except for the colors. So, the other day, I was watching a vlog and the most well-known influencer of Holland was dropping designer items at an online designer reseller. Usually, the website works with accounts, where the seller can offer the items themselves. But influencers usually bring their items so that the company can sell the items for them.

A few days later. There they were, Acne Studio Manhattan sneakers in European size 39. My size, the sneakers I was looking for. So I checked the designer reseller site daily and when the sneaker came online, I purchased them for half price.

She wore the shoes maybe once or twice, judging by the condition it was in. I know for a fact that the shoes are authentic because of the previous owner. That is also a very important tip from me, check out the previous owner and if you don’t trust it, let the company check it.

4. Designer bag
A good bag always finished the look. It is worth the investment. I once purchased a bag at an actual leather goods store and the thing just tore apart within a year or so. That is not a good look, the-torn-apart-bag-look is not a good look, it looks kind of shabby if you don’t mind me saying.
Now I know you can buy good quality bags at Zara, but that is just to trick you into believing all bags are of good quality so you’ll come back to buy them again. A good quality bag is a Furla on the lower price range, they also have sales! Coach is a good brand, they also have sales.
I want to say Coccinelle but mine has torn also, that is not because I carry them badly, it’s just because the particular bag carried badly.

5. Jewelry
In my town, there is a store that has a big annual sale. Old collections or brands that are discontinued go on sale for sometimes 70% off. Woah! Amazing right? These items aren’t less of a value to me, just because they are on sale or last season. I know the store sells good quality items, if there is an issue I can go back and they still help me even if the item isn’t sold anymore. Plus you can always contact the brand itself.

A good piece of jewelry can finish off a look, gold enriches, silver is classy, roségold is chic. That is the kind of jewelry I would go for if you want that expensive look. And all the items I wear come with emotional value, because of the reasons I bought them. Or got them as a present. And to wear something with pride, will make you glow. Glowing, that is a good look!

6. Recreate runway looks with fast fashion
Let’s take Fashion Nova as an example, they literally copy looks. They see a certain outfit on a celebrity for instance and they copy the whole outfit, the fit, fabric, color of the fabric, the length, and everything. Just like that looks or items even are often copied right of the runway. Items might look so similar to the items on the runway. You can purchase them in fast fashion stores, and easily recreate a look that you’ve seen on the runway.

7. Don’t overdue the labels, the more the labels, the cheaper the look!

8. Styling it off
Styling a look off, you can even put on your cheapest silk or satin looking pajamas with a high heel, a good bag, and some good jewelry and that can really look expensive. So no need for the labels, you can work with just what you have and put it all together.

9. The small things
Like putting on sleek make-up, styled hair, polished nails, and ironing your clothes well, can really finish the look. Besides it makes you feel good inside, you know, all well put together and neat and when ya look good ya feel good! Or so I’ve learned.

10. Confidence is the most expensive look you can wear
Cliché but true! You can wear Chanel from head to toe, if you don’t feel confident,  you won’t glow.
Ask yourself what makes you want to purchase a look that you’ve seen on another person? What makes you want to wear an item another person wears? Mainly because you think the clothing looks good on another person. That is where you get inspired, it is in the way you wear it.


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